Believing for Healing

Do you ever question your belief in God? It's normal to do so. But when He shows up in a very real way in your life, it’s impossible to deny His existence or what He’s capable of. Today, I'm sharing my testimony of a healing that shook any doubt or disbelief I ever had.

In 2007, I was 17 years old. I was told I had severe scoliosis that only surgical rods could repair. The doctors admitted that even if I had the 8-hour surgery, I wouldn't be able to do things I was accustomed to doing. I would be limited. From that day on, I relied on God to heal and relieve my pain. I believed that He would straighten my spine, and as outrageous as the request seemed, I just believed.

As time went on, I wanted to continue believing for my healing, but my back hurt every day. My crookedness was evident in the way I walked and stood. I was so young, yet I found it difficult to sit up in bed or turn over. When the evidence of my healing had not occurred during year one or year two, I prayed for the faith to keep believing. God helped me in my unbelief so I could stand in faith.

Five years after being diagnosed, I attended a three-day worship conference. During one session, I focused all of my prayer on the curve in my spine – the pain that I couldn't ignore. Women around me with no knowledge of my condition began asking if they could pray over my back. Before I knew it, a group of women, including my mom, surrounded me in prayer and believed for my healing. God was present and worked through those strangers. And then, it happened — in just minutes, God fulfilled His promise. I immediately felt the bones move in my body. The lower portion of my curvature changed and the discomfort disappeared. I believed and ultimately received my healing from our unlimited God.

I have been pain free for over 4 years. I stand today – a bit straighter – to encourage you to believe for your healing too. We are the children of an unlimited God. His love, His power, and His grace are truly UNlimited.

Your prayer, your dream, your wish – is never too outrageous for our God. Belief in Him is where it begins. It's OK if your belief wavers, but I pray that God reveals Himself to you in a way you cannot ignore, and in a way that changes you forever. This is my testimony and just one #divincidence of many to come.
Referenced scriptures: Hebrews11:1; Mark 9:24; Jeremiah 32:17; 1 Corinthians 16:13