Christine and Desirée seek to inspire young people with a message of hope and faith. With educational writers workshops, the authors encourage other writers to dig deeper into the story God has given them.

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Destined for More

A 14-Day Mother Daughter Journey to Friendship

Just like our relationship with God, our precious relationships with one another take time and energy. Start building a better mother/daughter relationship today with our fun, faith-filled 14-day challenge, Destined for More.

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Motivating Workshops for Writers

Discovering the Companion to Your Book

Writers in this workshop will be shown how their story has the potential to expand to another piece of work, increasing the book’s marketability and spiritual value to readers. The leaders will explain what to look for, how to develop your findings, and the unlimited possibilities of publishing them.

Resumes for Writers

In this workshop, writers will obtain a verbal and physical outline to compile, enhance, and highlight their professional and creative history to eliminate the fluff and flaunt the fruit both on the page and on the web. As a professional resume and LinkedIn consultant for clients worldwide, Desirée illustrates what, how, and where to delineate the information that your platform, potential employers, and colleagues need to know about you.

Every Summer Has A Story Program

Host the authors for a one-day Just Believe program kick-off event, book signing, live reading, or Skype author Q & A. This scripture-based 8-week summer program is built into every copy of Just Believe and perfect for groups of young girls (ages 11-18). For program materials and to find out why the Every Summer Has a Story program is perfect for your youth group, contact us below!


School + Library Visits

The authors are available for book signings, live readings, and events for students ages 10-18. 

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