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Seventeen-year-old Destiny scores tickets to a sold out Jonas Brothers concert. Among the millions of fans who desire to catch the eye of the three high profile performers, Destiny's hope to stand out in the crowd is supported by her faith and expectation the experience the extraordinary.

With letters composed to each of the boys, Destiny and her mom, Christy, happen onto an unannounced meet-and-greet line. Christy notices one of the boys slip Destiny's letter into his back pocket. When an unexpected email from him arrives a few days later, the correspondence prompts a very unlikely journey for a small-town girl. She begins the divine roller coaster ride of her life, dragging Mom, who suffers from amaxophobia, along as confidant... and chauffeur.

praise for just believe

"An uplifting collaboration by a mother-daughter duo and their encounters with celebrity, faith, love, and loss. Not only a lighthearted memoir/non-fiction book, but poetry as well, flowing along like the narrative that forms this inspirational story." - Linda Oatman High, YA Author

"Entertaining, uplifting and inspirational. Clever banter, introspective thought, heartwarming and heartstring-tugging moments engaged me as a reader, a mom, and a spiritual growth seeker. A great motivational read that pleasantly entertains, inspires and satisfies the body, mind and spirit."

"Just Believe is an enjoyable, incredible story that reads like a fun YA fiction, with the heartfelt faith of a memoir.
In a modern world, where everyone is plugged into technology and disconnected from human contact, this dynamic-mother/daughter-duo unite for a summer of fun, chasing what would appear to be an impossible dream. But Destiny’s will never wavers, proving that by maintaining a positive spirit, plus the sheer strength of her faith in God, along with the undying support of her devoted mother, and some miracle-work from the Man Upstairs, anything is possible if you Just Believe."

"This book came to me at just the right time; the mantra of the story—Just Believe—gave me the added inspiration I didn’t realize I needed to keep on track with my personal, interpersonal, and professional goals."

"An uplifting read, perfect for middle school+ girls, their mothers, and anyone needing an extra dose of faith in their lives."

"This is one of those times where you wish you could choose 10 stars instead of just 5! A heartwarming, honest, and exciting story that you will fly through. I was engaged from the second I started reading. A real depiction of how sometimes all it takes is one summer to bring us closer to our faith and to each other. The best part was the Divincidences... wow!"

"You will want to read this book again and again."

"Easily one of the best, most relatable, inspiring, motivational, and spiritual books I have ever read.”